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As governments worldwide move toward greener energy policies, the transition to clean energy is rapidly approaching. For companies and organisations of all sizes, one element will set those who succeed apart from those who struggle and fall behind: comprehensive, strategic preparation. EnPath Energy Consulting exists to facilitate a successful transition through collaborative partnerships and expert insight.


Founded by Eric Bauer, a widely respected energy expert with over 30 years of international operations, sustainability & external affairs experience in Africa and South America, EnPath works closely with energy companies, governments, NGOs, think tanks, financial corporations, Boards and beyond to offer vital insight, leverage relationships, and deliver executive strategies that realise opportunities and mitigate risk, while migrating the energy transition. 


We know that policies can either hinder or help energy companies accomplish a successful transition. EnPath is here to facilitate a beneficial dialog and provide a bespoke strategy, with the goal of equipping our clients with the skills to thrive and succeed during and in a post-transition world.

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