Our Trusted Advisors

The EnPath Consulting Advisory Board is comprised of trusted leaders and visionaries in the Oil & Gas industry, the energy sector, and beyond. Their insight and expertise helps to inform our strategies, while their unique capabilities and resources support our initiatives, depending on the need. 

Sandy Stash

Sandra (Sandy) Stash has over 35 years of international executive and non-executive board experience. Her professional career spans top leadership positions in general management, commercial negotiations, engineering and operations, supply chain management, HSE and external affairs in the oil and gas and hard rock and coal mining industries. Through direct oversight of several very public and controversial natural resource, public health, community and environmental issues in these sectors, Sandy is recognised for her unique capabilities in bridging the extractive sector to external stakeholders - in government, civil society, and at community level. She has deep business and operations experience on six continents, including North and South America, Asia and Australia, Africa, and Europe. 

A petroleum engineer by training, Sandy was one of the first women to work as a drilling engineer and rig supervisor at locations across North America. Today, she is a Non-Executive Director (NED) and Chair of the Safety and Sustainability Committee of FTSE 250-listed Diversified Gas & Oil PLC, a USA-based owner and operator of natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil wells as well as midstream assets. She is an Independent Advisor at EDF Energy Thermal Generation Limited Board, providing oversight of all EDF thermal generation in the UK, and a Director at the Colorado School of Mines in the US where she is a Distinguished Alumni Medalist. 

Sandy is also a member of the Board of Directors of Trans Mountain Company (TMC), a member of the Board of First Montana Bank, and a member of the Board of Lucid Energy, where she serves as Chair of its ESG Committee. She is a NACD Certified Director.


Tim O’Hanlon

Born in Ireland, Tim received his Civil Engineering degree from University College Dublin and joined Schlumberger, which served as his earliest introduction to the oil business. Following further studies in Reservoir Engineering at Imperial College London, he became a member of the founding team of Irish startup Tullow Oil in the mid 1980’s. 


From the outset, this exciting and ambitious explorer/producer focused on Africa, operating oil and gas opportunities which had proved non-commercial for the IOC Majors. During these early years at Tullow, Tim lived in Senegal, heading up the company’s onshore, oil & gas, production business cash-cow, splitting his time between wearing coveralls/hard-hat and a suit/tie. 


More recently as Vice President for Africa, Tim helped to drive Tullow’s rapid expansion across the Mother Continent involving ground-floor licence negotiations, the velvet acquisitions of Energy Africa and Hardman, and finally Tullow’s fabled frontier exploration of some of Africa’s more remote interior basins. During these years, Tim was more likely to be found in the Ministerial waiting rooms of Brazzaville or Bujumbura than in the oil company data rooms of Houston or London. Over the course of Tim’s 33 years at the company – during which he was widely known as “Tullow’s Monsieur Afrique” – Tim visited all but one of Africa’s 54 countries (Djibouti) and negotiated with dozens of Africa’s Heads of State.


Amoi N’Gattia

Amoi has been active in the African Oil & Gas industry for 12 years. He is currently Country Manager for Tullow Oil in Côte d’Ivoire. Fluent in French and English, Amoi has developed an expertise in negotiating Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs), public relations and regulatory compliance in West Africa. Tax and legal frameworks evolvements in the Oil & Gas sector is of great interest to him. Under his tenure as Country Manager, Amoi facilitated a significant number of licences acquisitions for Tullow Oil and many successful explorations activities in Côte d’Ivoire. 
Before joining the Oil & Gas industry, Amoi previously served as an Auditor in a local accounting firm (SECC) in Côte d’Ivoire for many years. Having been vice-president of the UK chamber of commerce in Côte d’Ivoire, Amoi has been speaker in many trade forums to boost bilateral cooperation between UK and Côte d’Ivoire businesses. Amoi earned a Master’s Degree in Economics from University of Bouake and an MBA from Lancaster University Management School in the UK.


Kemal Mohamedou

Kemal has been active in the oil and gas industry for the last 15 years, after having served his country, Mauritania, as a diplomat for more than 14 years – reaching the rank of Ambassador.

Having started his oil and gas career with Australian company Hardman Resources in 2005, he has been the Country Manager and head of the local branches for Tullow Oil Plc in Mauritania since 2007 and has held the same position in the Comoros since 2018. In both countries, Kemal opened the local offices and personally oversaw most administrative, managerial, and operational aspects of the local operations.

His knowledge of the industry spans from PSC and contract negotiations with governments and Joint Venture partners, to numerous exploration operations, from offshore seismic data acquisition to exploration drilling campaigns. A graduate of the Sorbonne University in English and International Law, Kemal is fluent in four languages and has remarkable skills in team leadership, project delivery, and high-level stakeholder relations.


Joe Goldberg

Joe is one of two co-founders of Horizon Client Access, establishing the company in 2003.

Since the firm’s inception, Joe has led the development of Horizon’s research products and client base, which includes Fortune 500 companies from the United States, Europe and Japan. Joe oversees a business development team based in New York, which interacts with Horizon’s analysts to deliver actionable research on key power-brokers, competitive landscape, and political and regulatory environments in target countries.

Before Horizon, Joe worked as head of business development at Eurasia Group in New York and as an analyst for Ernst & Young in Moscow. He received a Master’s Degree in Finance from New York University.


Cristián Marcaida

Cristián has been involved in the Energy Industry for the last 20 years. From power generation, gas transportation and distribution to Upstream exploration. Cristián brings a unique perspective on how to integrate people, processes, efficiencies, and productivity for real and sustainable outcomes, with a focus on identifying and mitigating challenges to business.

Cristián has experience guiding negotiation and execution of agreements, including partnerships throughout Latin America, from Production Sharing Agreements to License Contracts and Joint Operating Agreements. With a background that combines an entrepreneur-minded energy with business planning and a financial mindset, Cristian has served as:

  • Country Manager for Tullow for Uruguay, Perú and Argentina 

  • Business Developer for South America 

  • Country Manager for BG Group 

  • General Manager for Southern Cross Pipeline 

  • President of BG Group Uruguay 

  • President of BG Group Argentina 

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