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Why Trust Us

Executive strategies based on trusted industry experience. 

Founded by Eric Bauer, a widely respected energy expert with over 30 years of international operations experience in Africa and South America, EnPath Energy Consulting works closely with energy companies, governments, NGOs, think tanks, financial institutions, boards and beyond. We offer vital insight, leverage relationships, and deliver executive strategies that realise opportunities and mitigate risk, while migrating the energy transition. 

Our Values

Our Values


Forging a strategy to achieve your business goals.


About the world we live in and the local communities that we engage with.


Planning and initiating the journey to being a responsible partner in business and the world.


We welcome, prepare and learn from challenges, believing strongly in people’s potential to rise to higher levels of collaboration and success.

Our Team


Eric Bauer

Founder & Director

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A highly qualified international Leader with over 30 years of experience in Africa and South America. Delivering the Sustainability Agenda of Responsible Operations, Shared Prosperity, Environmental Stewardship, Equality and Transparency necessary to operate in sensitive and difficult environments.


Having lived in many diverse places around the world since childhood, Eric has always been passionate about the world we live in – recently seeking to understand more about climate change and the important role we can all play in the move to Net Zero Emissions. Through EnPath, he has renewed his focus on helping others set strategies, achieve their goals, and tackle the challenges that we all will face.


  • 2022 Climate Change:  Carbon Capture and Storage from University of Edinburgh

  • 2020 Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship from Duke University

  • 2020 Understanding the Energy Future

  • 1989 BSc. Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines


Kemal Mohamedou


Kemal has been active in the oil and gas industry for the last 15 years, after having served his country, Mauritania, as a diplomat for more than 14 years – reaching the rank of Ambassador.

Having started his oil and gas career with Australian company Hardman Resources in 2005, he has been the Country Manager and head of the local branches for Tullow Oil Plc in Mauritania since 2007 and has held the same position in the Comoros since 2018. In both countries, Kemal opened the local offices and personally oversaw most administrative, managerial, and operational aspects of the local operations.

His knowledge of the industry spans from PSC and contract negotiations with governments and Joint Venture partners, to numerous exploration operations, from offshore seismic data acquisition to exploration drilling campaigns. A graduate of the Sorbonne University in English and International Law, Kemal is fluent in four languages and has remarkable skills in team leadership, project delivery, and high-level stakeholder relations.

EnPath Team

Strategic Partners



Horizon provides investors with a superior understanding of how politics impact their business in complex environments around the world. Horizon’s clients reflect the company’s global nature. About 40% are in the Americas, 30% are in Europe, 20% are in Asia Pacific, and 10% are in the Middle East.  Horizon works with top management of global companies to help them make the most informed business decisions.  We focus on the roles and influence of key decision-makers, government and regulatory stability, policy implementation, and outlook for deal flow.

In order to be successful in your transition and goals, you will need to understand the geopolitical region and the issues that your host countries and communities are facing.  Horizon is an industry leader in this field. EnPath and Horizon have a clear understanding of the requirements to ensure businesses provide positive impacts to the local communities. We have formed a strategic partnership to offer a complete package of services in order to ensure the success of your transition projects.


InteStrat Service Limited

The essence of InteStrat Services Ltd is to help clients unlock value through integrated strategies and risk management. The company’s definition of value is based on shareholder value, balanced with a positive impact on society and the environment.


InteStrat is passionate about Africa and the roles that businesses can play in creating a positive impact. As Africa is a major focus point for EnPath, and as more developed oil & gas companies offload their assets in Africa, we will need a clear understanding of how these actions will affect the host countries and affected communities regarding their development, livelihoods and emission targets. InteStrat is a leader in Africa sustainability and a good fit to help your projects succeed.

Contact EnPath today to learn more about our experience and customised solutions.

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