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When it comes to climate change, one of the biggest threats is deforestation of our environment.

Consequently the next two foods on our list are again top “problem foods.”

Palm oil, the most used oil in the food industry, is also used in the majority of commercially produced sweet products and processed foods in the world.

Palm oil causes large-scale deforestation which destroys the habitats of many endangered species thus devastating biodiversity in the environment. It has a double whammy as through deforestation by burning to create palm oil plantations large amounts of GHGs are released into the atmosphere.

With the image of being “good for you,” mineral water makes the list. However, mineral water has three things going totally against it: 1) The plastic bottle where approximately 75% aren’t recycled and end up in burned in trash piles or in our oceans, lakes and rivers. Think micro plastics in your fish. 2) It takes three times the water to make the plastic bottle as is contained inside the bottle. 3) The petroleum products required to manufacture the bottle equate to around 15 million barrels of crude oil annually (315ml per bottle).


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