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Welcome to the murky world of carbon intensity which is expressed in kg CO2/bbl of oil.

Many O&G companies report these figures in their regulatory filings:

Norway is about 3 kg/bbl of oil due to all of their hydroelectric power.

The IOGP average is about 20 kg/bbl of oil.

The GOM is about 8 kg/bbl of oil due to pipeline infrastructure and lack of routine flaring.

“An un-mitigated” figure is about 30 kg/bbl of oil from a specific EIA. The same EIA states that its “Post mitigated” intensity is about 14 kg/bbl of oil when it is actually more around 21 kg/bbl oil.

A FTSE company I used to work for reports between 17 for 2019 and 29 kg/bbl of oil for 2020.

A field in Kurdistan is about 38 kg/bbl of oil.


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